Twilight Glimmer – «Unbreed» (2018)

Innovar, al fin y al cabo, no es “inventarse algo nuevo”, sino hacer algo que nadie más esté haciendo. Y los siete cortes incluidos en este EP es fiel muestra de ello.

TWILIGHT GLIMMER - «Unbreed» (2018)

TWILIGHT GLIMMER – «Unbreed» (2018)

Aunque se formaron en 1998, TWILIGHT GLIMMER ha tenido una carrera llena de altibajos y una que otra intermitencia. Sin embargo, ello no ha sido obstáculo para Sigue leyendo

BLASPHEMY — Part V: Recess and Resurgence

Between August 2001 and October 2009, all BLASPHEMY members answered interviews and did some collaboration projects with other projects in the underground scene, finally returning with full force in 2009 but… how and why?

BLASPHEMY, ensayando en el sótano de Ryan Förster, previo a su concieto en el Club Anza de agosto de 2001, En la fila superior, de der. a izq: Marco 'Sodomizer', Othalaz (GODLESS NORTH), R. Förster, Impurath (BLACK WITCHERY), Vaz & Tregenda (R.I.P.). Fila inferior, izq. a der: Sven (DOMINI INFERI) & Black Winds. [Foto tomada del Instagram de Nuclear War Now!].

BLASPHEMY, rehearsing right before their gig at the Anza Club in August 2001, Upper row, from left to right: Marco ‘Sodomizer’, Othalaz (GODLESS NORTH), R. Förster, Impurath (BLACK WITCHERY), Vaz & Tregenda (R.I.P.). Bottom row, from left to right: Sven (DOMINI INFERI) & Black Winds. [Photo taken from Nuclear War Now! profile on Instagram].


Even though the band had plans for their immediate future, things did not go as they wanted. Band members were denied their entry to Europe for a while because of their legal record and, since they could not play in the States for the same reasons and were still vetoed from certain regions in their own country, BLASPHEMY had to Sigue leyendo

BLASPHEMY — Part IV: Ritual Rebirth

On July 21st 2000, BLASPHEMY returned. But it took the collapse of a Canadian conqueror and the wizardry of a japanese-ancestry necromancer to accomplish their return. This is the necrosleezing, conquering chronicle behind the ritual rebirth. During the late 80s and before joining BLASPHEMY, and besides his previous band PROCREATION, Ace Gustapo had also played for a brief time in TUMULT with Bestial Savior, so he was no strange to the BLASPHEMY camp. Given this background, it was no surprise that Ace Gustapo joined forces with Black Hearts when he was released from prison. The duo started a new project called Sigue leyendo

BLASPHEMY — Part III: Summoning the Gods of War

July 6th, 1993 marks the release of “Gods of War”, the second full-length recorded by the Canadian cult. But if the spirits of the desecrated sepulchres had been haunting the band thus far, the coming disaster would be even worse...

BLASPHEMY - «Gods of War», Osmose Productions

BLASPHEMY – «Gods of War», Osmose Productions, 1993

The year was 1991. The fondness of BLASPHEMY members for iron-pumping and weight-lifting was well known in underground metal and Marco “Sodomizer”, being the polymathe he is, quits the band to focus on his body-building activities, his career on radio and his work as a session musician. This is when Black Priest briefly returns to the ranks of the band and Black Winds leaves the four-strings to Sigue leyendo

BLASPHEMY — Part II: Invoking the Fallen Angel of Doom

Once the “Blood Upon the Altar” demo spread the blasphemous plague all over the world, and just right after getting a modest record deal with the small yet somehow well known independent label Wild Rags in their hands, the Canadian Cult prepared to record their legendary debut opus. But the spirits of desecrated sepulchres would step in their path… (This is a continuation. You can read the first part here).

Eclectic in their music tastes, the members of BLASPHEMY never missed the opportunity to give the proper shoutouts to their major influences whenever the question was asked. And besides the usual suspects (you know, DISCHARGE, BATHORY, HELLHAMMER SARCÓFAGO and such), Black Winds always suggested pieces of classical music to fanzine readers everywhere such as Sigue leyendo

BLASPHEMY — Part I: Thus it began…

[Since we have been asked to do this for quite a while, here is our first article in English! — This is our first attempt, so please excuse the typos].

Long before the Norse hippies started singing about snow and trees, taking over the tag ‘black metal’ for themselves, BLASPHEMY was a force to be reckined with in the early black metal scene. This is our story of the band. (Originally written in Spanish. You can read it here.)

Caveat: all this story would not be possible if it were not War Nib Born and his dedicated, devoted and FANTASTIC work on the Blasphemy Ritual fansite. Without him, all the information concerning BLASPHEMY would be disseminated all over the world ahd thus almost impossible to gather, read and elaborate upon. Hails and eternal gratitude!

For those not familiar with this Canadian cult, BLASPHEMY is one of the earliest black metal bands from the late 80’s. Formed by Gerry Joseph Buhl on bass and vocals and Sean Stone on drums. Friends since they were kids, they lived a block away from each other and always fantasized with the idea of having a band. This would be achieved in 1984 when Sigue leyendo

Metal en Colombia: así están las cosas en 2018

Imagen de previsualización de YouTube

En un ejercicio mesurado y objetivo, el programa #Fractal de Canal Trece Colombia hace una fotografía del estado actual del Metal en Colombia desde cinco aspectos: eventos privados vs festivales públicos, la función de los medios de comunicación independientes más allá de la simple difusión, el mal llamado ‘radicalismo’, el papel de las mujeres en la escena y la diversificación actual de las bandas colombianas, con un relevo generacional presentey el intercambio de saberes entre bandas veteranas y emergentes y, lo más importante, las oportunidades y posibilidades que ofrece el futuro. Las cartas están echadas, y la suerte también. ¡Muchas gracias, Andrés Barajas por el vitrinazo!

Viabilidad y necesidad de los festivales públicos | Dificultades de los eventos privados | Los pequeños eventos, alimento de la escena | Injerencia oportunistas de politiqueros de oficio | Prohibicionismo prejuicioso | Amarillismo y oportunismo de los medios de comunicación tradicionales | Función de los medios independientes más allá de la simple difusión | Mirada crítica | Separados, venceremos | Organización y profesionalismo de las bandas emergentes | Tradición y diversificación | ¿Radicalismo, exclusividad o autenticidad? | Hasta lo underground necesita márketing | Mujeres, no queda otro camino | Insistir, persistir, resistir y nunca, ¡nunca desistir! | Perseverancia es la clave | Generaciones: choques y encuentros | Nuevos contenidos, nuevas narrativas | Lo que puede aprenderse del camino recorrido | Encuentro tu identidad, ¡supera tus ídolos! | Paso al pasado, ¿qué ofrece el futuro?