Interview with Werwolf, of SATANIC WARMASTER

Photo kindly sent by Werwolf to Crónicas Estigias

We in Crónicas Estigias were lucky enough to have an interview with Werwolf, from the mighty finnish cult act SATANIC WARMASTER and owner of WEREWOLF RECORDS, prior to the upcoming Mexican/Colombian tour. [You can also read the Spanish translation by clicking here].

Greetings, Werewolf! Since I have been following Satanic Warmaster since 2005, back when “Carelian Satanist Madness” was released, doing this interview with you is truly an honour for me.
-Salve Satanas! Thank you for your support and doing this interview with me.

I would like to start this interview asking some questions about your

city, region and country, if you don’t mind. First, let tus know a bit about the man behind the band. You hail from Lapeenranta. How’s the local food like? What kind of places do you enjoy the most in and outside your hometown, and around South Karelia?

-The area where I come from is very peaceful, almost desolate, and Lappeenranta is a city of only 60 000 people, but most of us live in the less populated areas surrounding the city. It’s just a vast landscape of forests and lakes. People like me eat meat, drink alcohol, worship Black Metal and seek the wisdom within our inner darkness here.

I am sure you are proud of your cultural heritage, and many a Finnish band has used the myths and folk tales from your country in their lyrics. What is your favorite folk tale / myth from your country’s rich tradition / mythology?
-Naturally, although my heritage is actually Scandinavian instead of Finnish. I have mostly been fascinated about the stories of Trolls, Witches and spirits.From the Winter War of WWII to the constant flow of tourists, being so close to the Russian border surely must have its ups and downs. How big is the influence of Russia in Lapeenranta’s history, culture and tradition?
-As Finland was part of Russia in the past, some of the influence is of course still present, but overall Finland has now become very western. Finland has always been it’s own country, and the identity has survived even though Finland has been under both the Swedish and the Russian rule.Something I really enjoy about black metal, is that it gives you a different perspective on the world surrounding us, with a critical, uncompr9mising view no other music genre has. Please, enlight us about your views on the current social and political climate in Finland. Your country seems to be away from all the turmoil spreading in other countries of the European Union, especially when it comes to immigration, and Finland appears to have one of the highest educational levels in the world. How much truth is in these perceptions?
-There are definitely powers in the modern world that seek to remove every inch of sovereignity from all nations in this world, and that is present in Finland as well. We get our fair share of the totally unnatural flood of immigrants (almost exclusively young men too wimpy to defend and build their own countries in Africa and the middle east), and other sickening globalist phenomenons. Of course in comparison many countries in Europe are hit much harder, but Finland is still a very small country, and also much more vulnerable, and eventually things will get worse unless people wake up.

Now, let’s move on to Satanic Warmaster. You have stated in several interviews, (and since it is quite evident by the discography), that you have always reinvented the sound and style of the band in each record. For brevity’s sake, let us focus on the six full-lengths SW has released so far.

Seeing them in retrospective, each one of your recordings has a different nature, a different beast within, if you will. Seeing them in retrospect, and for brevity’s sake, how would you describe the particular atmospheres and natures embodied in the six full full-lengths Satanic Warmaster hasrecorded so far?
-Yes, and this is still valid. My albums range from extremely raw and barbaric, yet melodic and sorrowful to more majestic and elaborate, yet cold and sinister, and everything in between.

Finland is widely considered as some sort of “promise land” for Metal, perhaps the country with most metalheads per Km, in which underground black metal bands such as Satanic Warmaster, Sargeist, Azaghal and Horna can prosper. Is this a myth of fact? How does this ‘metal as mainstream’ reflects on Finnish society? Why do you think Finland has become such a fertile land for metal bands to grow? Would you say that it is something about the environment, the education, the mindset of Finns that drive them to Metal music? Do the bands in your country receive any kind of governemt fund / grant or any kind of ‘official’ financial aid in order to start their careers?
-I have never really thought of that much. I guess the lack of contemporary temptations and distractions make people here focus more on creativity and finding their own path.

Speaking of which, Satanic Warmaster’s 2014 album “Fimbulwinter” made its way to an impressive 14th on Finnish charts (don’t believe us? Find the evidence here –ED), without compromising neither the music nor the style or the lyrics. Do you see Satanic Warmaster releasing a new, more raw and darker album, and still going strong in the Finnish charts? If the next Satanic Warmaster album manages to reach a higher position, would you say it is a way to spread the darkness among your fellow countrymen?
-I am still not 100% sure what the new album will be like, but obviously there are many Satanic Warmaster supporters here, and in this time of overall poor record sales, I might rise up to the record charts again. As the music media has always avoided Satanic Warmaster, this would of course be a brutal fist in the face of the mainstream idiots, and a majestic torch for the Finnish evil hordes to follow.

Werewolf Records

You run your own label, Werewolf Records, thus having total control over your own albums and those other releases in your label (previously known as Black Order Productions). How do you see things now ‘from the other side of the fence’, especially o the business side? How has it changed your perception of underground music in general?
-For me taking care of all the aspects of the releases from the composition of the music, to the recording and graphic design, and to the actual shipping of the album has always been a part of the whole passion. Doing that for other bands that I think deserve the support feels natural to me.

By the way, how’s the definite edition of “We are the worms that crawl on the broken wings of an angel” compilation coming along?
-This compilation is now sent to the pressing plant, and should be available during the 3rd quarter of 2017 on double LP, compact disk and an A5-size digipak CD.

Photo kindly sent by Werwolf to Crónicas Estigias

Metal as a whole, and black metal inparticular, use to delight in what most still see as social taboos, with NS being one of them. Yet, there are other, perhaps more interesting social taboos waiting to be explored. In this day ad age of metal weaknesses, what other social taboos, or “trigger words”, still pervade Finland’s society?
-Compared to many societies I’ve seen, Finland is still somewhat rational, and the ridiculous modern mindset of political and social correctness hasn’t destroyed every aspect of common sense yet. Only a certain kind of people get “triggered” by things that they cannot handle and see as “offensive”.

Satan can be perceived as a symbol or archetype, as an entity or just as the dark force in nature. Which one of these conceptions is closer to your own perception of Satan? Which one of these do you consider to be the strongest and fearsome to the outside world?
-I believe in Satan as a concrete force that can also manifest itself in a physical form, but also as a strong archetype and a symbol in addition to his real essence.

Even though Satanic Warmaster has not toured that much in Europe, you have been in places such as Mexico, Japan and, quite recently, the Satanic Warmaster invasion to the United States! What was it like? Did you have the time to explore, or know a little more, about the culture and traditions of those three countries? Which one captivated / intrigued / amazed you the most?
-Of course I have some time to experience the local culture whenever we travel to far away lands. In their own essence, I have found all of the places I have visited very enlightening and fascinating, and I expect the same from Colombia!

Since we are on the subject, what kind of hellish, bestial drinks have you found during your journeys and trips around the globe?
-Hahaha, if things have gone well enough, I have been drunk enough to forget, and in many cases it has been just that! Where ever there is strong liquor and good beer, I feel at home.

Photo kindly sent by Werwolf to Crónicas Estigias

You are both a conossieur of underground metal and a devoted practitioner of the black arts and the occult. But since ‘the occult’ is not only about rituals and books of forgotten lore but also about uncovering ‘hidden’ knowledge, what kind of hidden gems of old-school heavy metal have you found recently you wish to share with us? Have you found excellent bands from unsuspected countries?
-There have of course been hundreds of Metal discoveries during my years, from almost all corners of the world. Just today I bought the LP from Swedish NORDEN LIGHT, pretty good although a little cheesy Heavy Metal/Hard Rock gem.

It is really hard to ask questions to a person who has been answering interviews for almost 20 years now. Besides the NS misconceptions, what is the most common thing people keep asking you all the time, and what kind of issues are almost never addressed on interviews? (I ask these because I am looking forward to interview you in person).
-Usually people are so fixated with the endless NS speculation, that they don’t even bother on asking more, haha.

Well, Werwolf. That would be all for now. Excuse the long interview, but I did not want to miss the opportunity to ask you all these questions. Hope you have enjoyed answering them, and I am relaly looking forward to see Satanic Warmaster crushing Medellin very soon!
-Thank you a lot for the interview, see you soon in Colombia! AWAIT THE ULTRA SATANIC BLACK METAL HOLOCAUST! SIC TRANSIT GLORIA MUNDI!

SATANIC WARMASTER Tour 2017 in Mexico and Colombia. We will surely be there!

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