BLASPHEMY — Part V: Recess and Resurgence

Between August 2001 and October 2009, all BLASPHEMY members answered interviews and did some collaboration projects with other projects in the underground scene, finally returning with full force in 2009 but… how and why?

BLASPHEMY, ensayando en el sótano de Ryan Förster, previo a su concieto en el Club Anza de agosto de 2001, En la fila superior, de der. a izq: Marco 'Sodomizer', Othalaz (GODLESS NORTH), R. Förster, Impurath (BLACK WITCHERY), Vaz & Tregenda (R.I.P.). Fila inferior, izq. a der: Sven (DOMINI INFERI) & Black Winds. [Foto tomada del Instagram de Nuclear War Now!].

BLASPHEMY, rehearsing right before their gig at the Anza Club in August 2001, Upper row, from left to right: Marco ‘Sodomizer’, Othalaz (GODLESS NORTH), R. Förster, Impurath (BLACK WITCHERY), Vaz & Tregenda (R.I.P.). Bottom row, from left to right: Sven (DOMINI INFERI) & Black Winds. [Photo taken from Nuclear War Now! profile on Instagram].


Even though the band had plans for their immediate future, things did not go as they wanted. Band members were denied their entry to Europe for a while because of their legal record and, since they could not play in the States for the same reasons and were still vetoed from certain regions in their own country, BLASPHEMY had to Sigue leyendo

BLASPHEMY — Part IV: Ritual Rebirth

On July 21st 2000, BLASPHEMY returned. But it took the collapse of a Canadian conqueror and the wizardry of a japanese-ancestry necromancer to accomplish their return. This is the necrosleezing, conquering chronicle behind the ritual rebirth. During the late 80s and before joining BLASPHEMY, and besides his previous band PROCREATION, Ace Gustapo had also played for a brief time in TUMULT with Bestial Savior, so he was no strange to the BLASPHEMY camp. Given this background, it was no surprise that Ace Gustapo joined forces with Black Hearts when he was released from prison. The duo started a new project called Sigue leyendo

BLASPHEMY — Parte IV: Renace el Ritual

El 21 de julio del año 2000, BLASPHEMY volvía por sus fueros. Pero para poder reactivarla, fueron necesarios el colapso de un conquistador canadiense y la intervención de un nigromante de origen nipón. Así resurgió el culto canadiense.

A finales de los años 80, poco antes de unirse a BLASPHEMY, Ace Gustapo había tocado en una banda llamada PROCREATION, y en su momento había tocado junto a Bestial Saviour en su banda TUMULT. Con este historial, para nadie fue sorpresa cuando, en 1996, Ace Gustapo juntó fuerzas con Black Hearts, quien recién había salido de prisión, para Sigue leyendo