El «Inner Circle», Parte 3 — La irrupción (1990)

Contrario a la creencia común, la generación de adolescentes que desarrolló el black metal noruego no lo hizo de la nada; tras ellos había toda una historia de experiencia musical ampliamente documentada… ¡y aquí te la contamos!

Las ideas de Dead sobre cómo debía ser la imagen de una banda de black/death metal permearon y contagiaron tanto a sus compañeros de banda que Sigue leyendo

BLASPHEMY — Part I: Thus it began…

[Since we have been asked to do this for quite a while, here is our first article in English! — This is our first attempt, so please excuse the typos].

Long before the Norse hippies started singing about snow and trees, taking over the tag ‘black metal’ for themselves, BLASPHEMY was a force to be reckined with in the early black metal scene. This is our story of the band. (Originally written in Spanish. You can read it here.)

Caveat: all this story would not be possible if it were not War Nib Born and his dedicated, devoted and FANTASTIC work on the Blasphemy Ritual fansite. Without him, all the information concerning BLASPHEMY would be disseminated all over the world ahd thus almost impossible to gather, read and elaborate upon. Hails and eternal gratitude!

For those not familiar with this Canadian cult, BLASPHEMY is one of the earliest black metal bands from the late 80’s. Formed by Gerry Joseph Buhl on bass and vocals and Sean Stone on drums. Friends since they were kids, they lived a block away from each other and always fantasized with the idea of having a band. This would be achieved in 1984 when Sigue leyendo