BLASPHEMY — Part III: Summoning the Gods of War

July 6th, 1993 marks the release of «Gods of War», the second full-length recorded by the Canadian cult. But if the spirits of the desecrated sepulchres had been haunting the band thus far, the coming disaster would be even worse...

BLASPHEMY - «Gods of War», Osmose Productions

BLASPHEMY – «Gods of War», Osmose Productions, 1993

The year was 1991. The fondness of BLASPHEMY members for iron-pumping and weight-lifting was well known in underground metal and Marco «Sodomizer», being the polymathe he is, quits the band to focus on his body-building activities, his career on radio and his work as a session musician. This is when Black Priest briefly returns to the ranks of the band and Black Winds leaves the four-strings to Sigue leyendo