BLASPHEMY — Part IV: Ritual Rebirth

On July 21st 2000, BLASPHEMY returned. But it took the collapse of a Canadian conqueror and the wizardry of a japanese-ancestry necromancer to accomplish their return. This is the necrosleezing, conquering chronicle behind the ritual rebirth. During the late 80s and before joining BLASPHEMY, and besides his previous band PROCREATION, Ace Gustapo had also played for a brief time in TUMULT with Bestial Savior, so he was no strange to the BLASPHEMY camp. Given this background, it was no surprise that Ace Gustapo joined forces with Black Hearts when he was released from prison. The duo started a new project called Sigue leyendo

BLASPHEMY — Part III: Summoning the Gods of War

July 6th, 1993 marks the release of «Gods of War», the second full-length recorded by the Canadian cult. But if the spirits of the desecrated sepulchres had been haunting the band thus far, the coming disaster would be even worse...

BLASPHEMY - «Gods of War», Osmose Productions

BLASPHEMY – «Gods of War», Osmose Productions, 1993

The year was 1991. The fondness of BLASPHEMY members for iron-pumping and weight-lifting was well known in underground metal and Marco «Sodomizer», being the polymathe he is, quits the band to focus on his body-building activities, his career on radio and his work as a session musician. This is when Black Priest briefly returns to the ranks of the band and Black Winds leaves the four-strings to Sigue leyendo

BLASPHEMY — Parte III: Invocando los Dioses de la Guerra

El 6 de julio de 1993 se lanza el álbum «Gods of War», la segunda placa del culto canadiense. Pero si los espíritus de los sepulcros profanados habían perseguido a la banda, el desastre siguiente sería mucho peor.

BLASPHEMY - «Gods of War», Osmose Productions

BLASPHEMY – «Gods of War», Osmose Productions, 1993

La afición de los integrantes de BLASHEMY por el fisiculturismo y el levantamiento de pesas era bien conocida en el underground, y Marco «Sodomizer» Banco decide salir de la banda para concentrarse en ello, en su trabajo en radio y en su carrera como músico de sesión. Black Priest regresa a las filas de la banda, mientras que Black Winds deja las cuatro cuerdas para Sigue leyendo

Entrevista con Hervé Herbaut de OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS

Osmose ProductionsAprovechadno el reciente aniversaio 25° del álbum «Reqviem» de la agrupación colombiana MASACRE, contactamos a Herbaut Hervé, fundador y dueño de Osmose Productions, para indagar un poco sobre sus inicios en el underground, la fundación de Osmose, el fichaje de MASACRE, y Sigue leyendo

Interview with Hervé Herbaut from OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS

Osmose ProductionsIn the wake of the 25th anniversary of both the birth of Osmose Productions and of Colombian death metal band MASACRE‘s godly debut «Reqviem», we reached Hervé Herbaut, founder and CEO of Osmose Productions, to inquire a bit on his beginnings in the underground scene both as a fan and a tape-trader, an avid buyer and a distro owner, the conformation of Osmose, the deal with MASACRE, and some issues related to the early days of his label. You can Sigue leyendo